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Shooting Lake Marie Wyoming, at sunrise

Warm sunrise light bathes the peaks above and the water of lake Marie in Wyoming. As the sun is rising, it is reflecting off of the small puffy clouds.

The most difficult aspect of shooting Lake Marie Wyoming, at sunrise was the frigid cold temperatures. Just like everything else when you are visually impaired, taking the time to research, plan and orient yourself before attempting something pays it forward when the day arrives. How did I get this funRead More …

Abandoned lakeside resort in Wyoming

Abandones lakeside resort cabins. The cabins, surrounded by trees are being held up by boards.

While wandering the unpaved backroads of Wyoming, we came across this really cool sprawling lakeside resort which had been abandoned in the 1970’s. The cabins are all in various states of decay. Most of the cabins are being held up by boards and look unstable to venture into.  Location LocatedRead More …

Abandoned Mine in Wyoming

a black and white image of an abandoned mine. The structure for hauling material up and down the mine juts out of the top of the small building. There are lumber pieces and debris scattered around the area in front of the small building.

Bouncing around the 4X4 accessible trails near Centennial Wyoming, we came across this awesome abandoned mine. The view from the mine is pretty spectacular and I bet during its operational days it was beautiful to work at. Unlike a lot of other abandoned place I have been to, this oneRead More …

Wandering in Wyoming

Blind Travels blog logo a silhouette of a photographer with a guide dog in harness.

I live in northern Colorado, and it is only a couple hour drive to Wyoming. With all the COVID restrictions starting to ease a bit, traveling has become a bit safer and more fun. Throughout 2020, I stayed pretty close to home like we all did, but ever after thingsRead More …

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