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Ellume COVID-19 Home Test Accessibility Review

Recently I reported on the availability of COVID-19 tests that advertised themselves to be accessible for blind and visually impaired users. The tests are available at no cost from the US Post Office and come in six packs of two each (I’ll include a link to the ordering information later).Read More …

New glasses incorporate AI to help the visually impaired

Image featuring the blind trtavels logo, and the Envision glasses

Anyone who is blind or visually impaired can instantly list the everyday tasks that cause them frustration. Reading a menu at a restaurant, determining who is in a room when you enter, finding an open seat when boarding a bus or train, and telling the difference between various denominations ofRead More …

Visually Impaired Texas children given the tools they need

Blind Travels blog logo a silhouette of a photographer with a guide dog in harness.

Sight Savers America recently partnered with West Texas school districts and optometrists specializing in low vision to identify and help school children with low vision. SAN ANGELO, Texas has no low vision specialists in their area, so Sight Saves America stepped in giving children an hour-long low vision assessment andRead More …

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