Abandoned lakeside resort in Wyoming

Abandones lakeside resort cabins. The cabins, surrounded by trees are being held up by boards.

While wandering the unpaved backroads of Wyoming, we came across this really cool sprawling lakeside resort which had been abandoned in the 1970’s. The cabins are all in various states of decay. Most of the cabins are being held up by boards and look unstable to venture into. 


Located fifteen miles off the road between the cities of Centennial and Saratoga in Wyoming is a great site with lots of abandoned buildings to explore. Visitors can go right up to the buildings and even go inside if you are brave enough. Unlike most abandoned sites, the presence of debris to navigate was not bad, but I would still either go with a sighted guide or a guide dog. It should be noted that this road closes after the first snow and is closed until spring, making this location inaccessible except by snowmobile during the late fall and winter months. 

The photo

This image is a sepia toned black and white image of two cabins surrounded by trees. On the closest cabin the roof is sagging in the middle and the whole structure is being held up by long boards. There is no glass left in the two small windows, but otherwise that cabin looks to be in decent shape. The far cabin is in much worse shape, The back appears to be all but completely broken and you can’t see the roof. The front of the cabin sits at a forty-five degree angle away from the viewer as it is almost completely fallen down.  


The experience

There is so much to experience tactilely here at this site. The size of many things is unexpectedly small like the aforementioned windows. There is a lot to feel and it should be noted that some of the cabins are not smooth and there is a risk of splinters or cuts as is the case with all abandoned places such as this. I would not recommend going into the cabins are they are largely unstable. The surroundings are generally flat but the ground does undulate a bit between the cabins. There were tripping hazards, but my guide deftly avoided them as we explored this deserted lakeside resort. I would plan a couple to a few hours to explore this site, there is a lot to see and feel. The lake is not far away from the buildings and my understanding from speaking to a couple of the locals is that fishing there is quite good. 

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