Wandering in Wyoming

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I live in northern Colorado, and it is only a couple hour drive to Wyoming. With all the COVID restrictions starting to ease a bit, traveling has become a bit safer and more fun. Throughout 2020, I stayed pretty close to home like we all did, but ever after things started to relax a bit I still opted to play it save and only take a few trips here and there.  A result of all the “non-people” time created an real interest in wandering the less traveled path for me. Rather than flying off to who knows where, I was forced to find places here in Colorado and Wyoming that I had great intentions of visiting, but never took the time. I spent a lot of time in Rocky Mountain National Park, and up in the Rockies in general. Early 2021 prompted me to expand my circle of travel into Wyoming. A good friend of mine is originally from Wyoming, and is still very passionate about showing off the abundant natural beauty of that state. The biggest hurdle to overcome is the weather. Its colder on average than Colorado, and they see more snow than we do. As a result, the really cool higher elevation areas of the state close during the snowy season. We took a few trips during the spring and summer, but it wasn’t until this fall that we really took the time to delve into the backroads and explore some amazing abandoned sites. 

Throughout the time we spent wandering around Wyoming, my constant companion was my guide dog Fauna. She is always willing to lead me along a new path, no matter how challenging or strenuous. We drove the backwoods trails on gravel roads, bounced along trails only accessible to 4X4 vehicles, and Fauna took it all in stride spending her time sleeping in the back seat waiting until it was time to lead me somewhere. Whether it was 4 in the morning to catch a sunrise or 9 at night, returning home late after sunset she did it all, without complaint, even when it was 18 degrees and freezing cold (she has booties and coats for cold weather and was toasty warm the whole time.). In the coming weeks I will be posting images from our journeys.

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