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Talking about making art accessible

Recently, I joined Allen Rowand from West3D to talk about art, photography and our journey to make visual art accessible for the blind and visually impaired. https://youtu.be/cLqyNOOZTcQ

Big changes coming to IOS

If you are an iPhone user like me, I always  wonder what fresh pain awaits those of us with little or no sight when it comes to a major update for the IOS. I have used Apple stuff since the iPhone 2 and the worst part is making changes toRead More …

Be My Eyes adding GPT-4 Ai object detection

Be My Eyes logo

With everyone wound up tight about how Ai technology is affecting creative industries like logo design, photography and image editing, nobody is talking about the benefits Ai is having for the blind and low vision communities. Be My Eyes is partnering with open Ai to implement some really great objectRead More …

Samsung announces TV feature for the visually impaired

Samsung Corp. Logo

CES is always a fun time for those that follow tech. This year Samsung announces the inclusion of Relumino mode in their Neo QLED 8K and 4K TVs later this year. The technology makes the television picture clearer by increasing sharpness, contrast and outlines. From Mashable: The feature, called ReluminoRead More …

Why is technology and software for people with visual impairment so expensive?

A laptop with a braille adapter attached to the bottom of the keyboard

Anyone who has browsed the costs for software or hardware commonly used by those who are blind or visually impaired has certainly suffered sticker shock at the prices associated with this useful tech. Why does it cost so much to buy products that can make people’s lives easier, and theRead More …

Microsoft Seeing Ai to partner with Haleon to make health products more accessible

A closeup of a person using a smartphone screen reader to read a vitamin bottle label

The seeing Ai app is getting an update which will deliver curated information about certain health products, making them more accessible. Microsoft, the producer of the Seeing Ai app will be partnering with Haleon, a manufacturer of common health products like Sensodyne, Centrum, Aquafresh, ChapStick and Emergen-C. This will beRead More …

Do blind people use Instagram?

Instagram logo and blind photographer with guide dog

Visual impairment is not black and white, there are many levels between fully functional vision and being completely blind. Hearing impairment, and mobility impairment also have many varying levels, but in the case of mobility impairment, those differences are more clearly visible – or at least you might think theyRead More …

IBM creates app to help blind people socially distance

A camera with a blind person walking with a cane in the lens.

When the COVID-19 pandemic first hit, many things changed very quickly and accessibility was not considered into many of the new guidelines and rules put into place. Stores places sighs on the floor marking aisles for one-way traffic and there were a million signs put up  instructing patrons to stayRead More …

Japan’s tactile paving helps visually impaired travel.

A silhouette image of a lab guide dog in harness.

visually impaired easioerThis is such a great innovation. Seiichi Miyake came up with the idea for the two types of paved stones after seeing a visually impaired man with a can almost hit by a car. One of the two types of pavers has long shapes to denote travel directionRead More …

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