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With everyone wound up tight about how Ai technology is affecting creative industries like logo design, photography and image editing, nobody is talking about the benefits Ai is having for the blind and low vision communities. Be My Eyes is partnering with open Ai to implement some really great object recognition features into their app.

A slow rollout

Open Ai’s GPT-4 is being integrated into Be My Eyes as a free feature (as of this writing). Users will be able to upload a picture to the service and the GPT-4 driven engine will allow the user conversational interaction, and the program will answer questions about the image, including offering contextual information like recipes if a label is scanned. The service is dubbed Virtual Volunteer, and Open Ai feels that their technology can provide similar interaction that a user would get with a human volunteer through the service. Be My Eyes is optimistic about the addition of this potentially life changing technology to their platform, but are understandably approaching the rollout of the new feature with caution.

Cheat Engine

With all the negative reporting that Ai technology is seeing about Ai written essays and the like, it is refreshing to read about Ai being implemented to provide a feature that could potentially allow blind and visually impaired users of the Be My Eyes app more flexibility when using the service. As an aside, if the users of the new virtual assistant don’t like the results they get from the Ai, there is always an option to connect with a human volunteer as before.

If you would like to read more about this new feature, follow the link below.

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