Big changes coming to IOS

If you are an iPhone user like me, I always  wonder what fresh pain awaits those of us with little or no sight when it comes to a major update for the IOS. I have used Apple stuff since the iPhone 2 and the worst part is making changes to the interface just for the sake of change. This is of course a common thing for companies to do, not realizing that those of us who can’t see have memorized the location of every button on the interface. The concern is always new stuff first, then add accessibility later. I will point out the most blatant thing that comes to mind: when Apple changed the location of the power off slider from the middle of the screen to the top and put in the SOS feature when powering off the phone. Even to this day I recently called 911 when I was not paying attention and was resetting my phone. I’m totally not opposed to Ai, as a matter of fact I have fully embraced the use of Ai since it saves me so much time every day. I’m just always nervous when a company announces big redesign in a major number release. I believe that keeping up to speed on the latest tech is important for travelers especially those with low or no vision. I’ll be reporting on the update when it goes live and try to help you all through any new issues.

“Traveling, without sight, is an extraordinary journey of exploration. In the quiet footsteps and whispered winds, you discover a world painted in sensations—the warmth of sun-kissed stones, the rhythm of bustling streets, and the symphony of unfamiliar voices. Each tactile map, each shared laughter, becomes a constellation of memories etched upon your soul. In the vastness of the unknown, you find not darkness, but a canvas waiting for your touch—a masterpiece woven from courage, resilience, and the sheer wonder of exploration.” – Ted Tahquechi

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Ted Tahquechi is a blind photographer, travel influencer, disability advocate and photo educator based in Denver, Colorado. You can see more of Ted’s work at

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