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Anyone who is a regular reader of this blog or website knows that I love to write articles centered around education, for the visually impaired and the fully sighted. Recently USA Today published an article focused on things the blind community would like to pass on to those who are fully sighted. The biggest takeaway from the article is that just closing your eyes does not mean you know what it is like to be blind. There is a lot more to it than that. The other misnomer is that blind people always need help. If I am trying to cross the street, I am paying attention to the direction of the traffic and when someone comes up and grabs me and plops me on the other side of the road knot knowing which way I’m facing, it makes them feel better and me feel disoriented. Lastly, it is perfectly ok to be curious about being blind. Engage with a blind person and ask them questions. 

I offer a series of articles here on blind travels that off an opportunity for those who are fully sighted to ask questions about being blind (Yes, I have questions ready to be answered things have been bonkers lately.). If you have questions feel free to ask away on social media or send me a direct message here. My education section has articles on everything from what it is like to be blind, to tips and tricks to interact with visually impaired people and even what it was like to get my first guide dog. You can read more at the education link above or click here

If you would like to read the USA Today Article follow the link below. 


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