Visually Impaired Texas children given the tools they need

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Sight Savers America recently partnered with West Texas school districts and optometrists specializing in low vision to identify and help school children with low vision. SAN ANGELO, Texas has no low vision specialists in their area, so Sight Saves America stepped in giving children an hour-long low vision assessment and visual aids. This is such a great cause.

Low Vision goes unidentified and untreated so many times in children. I’m glad to see organizations like Sight Saves America partnering with school districts to provide children the visual aids they need. If the teachers don’t identify the needs of the child, it often goes unnoticed and those children can fall behind in their school work. We all know that things move very fast in schools these days, and not being able to see the information being presented in class can make an already accelerated course curriculum very difficult for students with low vision. 

We here at Blind Travels love to work with non-profit organizations just for this sort of thing. We have reached out to Sight Savers America  to see how we can help, and will update this story when we learn more. If you would like more information about Sight Savers America or the original story follow the links below.  

Sight Savers America is a 501(c)(3) non-profit that works to identify and secure the eye care needs of children, from their first pair of eyeglasses to extensive sight-saving treatment and high-tech vision aids for those with severe visual impairment.


Original Story from FOX news

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