Flight for Sight 2024

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Photography is a language that speaks to our senses and emotions. It whispers secrets about the world—a sun-kissed meadow, a bustling city street, a tearful embrace. Yet, for those without sight, this language remains silent. Photographs, no matter how evocative, remain mere abstractions for those who cannot see them. The smooth texture of a skyscraper, the solitude of a mountain lake, or the rugged texture of a tree’s bark are all lost in translation unless you are actually there to experience them. But what if there was a way?

We are excited to announce today that Carrie and I are among three winners of the Flight For Sight Travel Grant. This $10,000 grant will allow us to visit locations across the U.S. this summer and capture iconic photos which we will convert to tactile renditions using our newly developed process. Our goal is to make visual art more accessible, and we can’t wait to share our results with the blind and visually impaired community.

So far, we have East and West coast trips planned and we would love to hear your suggestions for places we should visit, photograph, and share!

Follow us on Instagram and X @nedskee and @carrietahquechi Join us on our exciting journey this summer to make photos you can feel.   

“Traveling, without sight, is an extraordinary journey of exploration. In the quiet footsteps and whispered winds, you discover a world painted in sensations—the warmth of sun-kissed stones, the rhythm of bustling streets, and the symphony of unfamiliar voices. Each tactile map, each shared laughter, becomes a constellation of memories etched upon your soul. In the vastness of the unknown, you find not darkness, but a canvas waiting for your touch—a masterpiece woven from courage, resilience, and the sheer wonder of exploration.” – Ted Tahquechi

About the author

Ted Tahquechi is a blind photographer, travel influencer, disability advocate and photo educator based in Denver, Colorado. You can see more of Ted’s work at www.tahquechi.com

Ted operates Blind Travels, a travel blog designed specifically to empower blind and visually impaired travelers. https://www.blindtravels.com/

Ted’s body-positive Landscapes of the Body project has been shown all over the world, learn more about this intriguing collection of photographic work at: https://www.bodyscapes.photography/

 Questions or comments? Feel free to email Ted at: nedskee@tahquechi.com 

Instagram: @nedskee

Twitter: @nedskee

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