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As a visually impaired traveler, I personally find it important to “pay it forward” by tipping those who help me out, as to give visually impaired travelers “cred”. If I can tip someone who helps me to the gate for my flight and that makes them more enthusiastic about helping the next visually impaired guest, then I have achieved my goal. My biggest problem is seeing the denominations on the bills and making sure I am offering a five dollar tip and not a fifty dollar tip. Let’s talk about it…


Before I leave the house for any trip, I always take time to organize my paper bills. I figure I need a few five-dollar bills for people checking me in, helping me to the gate, and helping me to baggage claim. I roll a few fivers’ and put them in my front pocket – with nothing else. That way, I know if I am reaching into that pocket I can grab a single bill and hand it to the person helping me with confidence. Just this one tip can make travel so much easier, especially if you are trying to find your gate, drag your luggage and in my case make sure my guide dog is sorted out.    


I can still see color, and I have found that the little colored post-it flags you use to mark pages in books work fantastic for identifying the bills in your wallet.  I use a system which uses red, yellow, green and blue flags. My singles and fives are flagged with green (for go), my tens are marked with blue, twenty-dollar bills are marked with yellow (for caution), and 50 and 100-dollar bills are always marked with red (for stop). Here is a link to the flags I use – They come right off the bills easily and this system allows me to enter a store as I travel and confidently find the proper denominations in my wallet.

Post-it Flags Value Count, Assorted Colors, 280 Count


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