I’m back, new work and our next trip

Thank you for all the concerned messages, for the last few weeks I have been out of commission due to a broken hand. During the last snowstorm here in Colorado, I took my guide dog Fauna out for evening relieving and didn’t see the ice that had built up on the threshold of the door. One wrong step and I ended up laying unconscious on the ground with a broken hand. It was of course my right hand and I’m right handed, so no typing or mouse use for me. Fauna made it through the ordeal fine, she ran around the backyard playing in the snow having a great time until I woke up. I’m all healed and ready for action now though. Speaking of…

Next week, Fauna and I will be headed to California on Amtrak. We will take the California Zephyr from Denver and arrive in California the following evening. This will be Fauna’s first time on the train with me, and I am interested to see how she likes it. We will of course be blogging here while we are traveling and posting pictures on Twitter and Instagram – @nedskee We will be creating images for my new body of work Fauna’s Adventures which made it’s debut in April at Access Gallery in the Santa Fe Art District here in Denver. I’m happy to formally announce the project and you can find lots more information here:


It is amazing to have support from Antrak, Hilton Hotels and United Airlines for my project. They are helping me to spread the word about legitimate service animal use in the travel and hospitality industry while showing support for their customers who use real service animals. A big shout out to the Special Olympics, The Crawford Hotel and other local Denver-based hotels for their support on this project as well!

Stay tuned for more on the upcoming trip, I hope you will all follow along in the adventure with us!

Hey! I love to hear from my readers! Feel free to contact me via my social media sites I would love to hear your thoughts on this or any of my other articles! Until then, get out and get shooting! 

My Photography site: http://www.tahquechi.com/

My Bodyscapes project: http://www.bodyscapes.photography/

Instagram and Twitter: @nedskee

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