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New glasses incorporate AI to help the visually impaired

Image featuring the blind trtavels logo, and the Envision glasses

Anyone who is blind or visually impaired can instantly list the everyday tasks that cause them frustration. Reading a menu at a restaurant, determining who is in a room when you enter, finding an open seat when boarding a bus or train, and telling the difference between various denominations ofRead More …

Ambutech No-Jab mobility cane with Graphite/Carbon Fiber shaft

blind travels logo, text and silhouette of guide dog and handler

Let’s face it, its time for a new white cane. I bet you are still rocking that old cane you got when you first completed Orientation and Mobility training all those years ago, aren’t you? The tip is probably all worn down and I bet you never gave buying aRead More …

Edmonton International Airport has become easier to navigate for the visually impaired

Blind Travels logo with words and silhouette of guide dog and handler.

We here at Blind Travels are huge supporters of the visually impaired traveling solo whenever possible. Finding the proper tools to be able to effectively and safely travel solo is important. Whether you use a Guide Dog, or a White Cane, companies which aid accessibility are still a must forRead More …

That one thing to pack for your next trip

Blind Travels logo with words and silhouette of guide dog and handler.

Packing for your next trip can be an exciting but daunting process. The first thing that always goes in my suitcase is a collapsible white cane, even if I am traveling with my guide dog. A white cane can be invaluable asset while traveling for a couple reasons. Identification IfRead More …

New York becoming more friendly for the visually impaired!

The blind travels logo. A sillhouette of a man holding the harness of a guide dog also in silhouette.

While it is a great thing to see cities making their streets safer for the visually impaired to travel, it is certainly sad that it has to be by court order. According to the article in the New York Times, the ruling will fundamentally change the face of the city.Read More …

Abandoned lakeside resort in Wyoming

Abandones lakeside resort cabins. The cabins, surrounded by trees are being held up by boards.

While wandering the unpaved backroads of Wyoming, we came across this really cool sprawling lakeside resort which had been abandoned in the 1970’s. The cabins are all in various states of decay. Most of the cabins are being held up by boards and look unstable to venture into.  Location LocatedRead More …

Wandering in Wyoming

Blind Travels blog logo a silhouette of a photographer with a guide dog in harness.

I live in northern Colorado, and it is only a couple hour drive to Wyoming. With all the COVID restrictions starting to ease a bit, traveling has become a bit safer and more fun. Throughout 2020, I stayed pretty close to home like we all did, but ever after thingsRead More …

Thank you Pup Talk!

Fauna, my black lab guide dog sits on the ground high in the mountains of Colorado. She is surrounded by beautiful mountains;

A big shout out and thank you to Pup Talk for the great article on BlindTravels! You guys are awesome.  https://pup-talk.com/article32.html

Guide Dogs UK celebrates 90 years!

Blind Travels blog logo a silhouette of a photographer with a guide dog in harness.

With Guide Dogs UK celebrating their 90th birthday today, the Shropshire Star took some time to publish a great article and shout out how amazing guide dogs are. The article emphasizes just how much independence working guide dogs give their handlers. I write quite often here on BlindTravels about myRead More …

Honda creates new shoe-based navigation for the visually impaired

Honda's new in-shoe navigation system. The photo has a pair of shoe and a smartphone with map app open.

With the rise of vision impairment disabilities in the population, Honda is joining other companies like Microsoft in creating products for the blind and visually impaired market. From Honda on the creation of Ashirase, Inc. Honda Motor Co., Ltd. recently announced the establishment of Ashirase, Inc. It is the automaker’sRead More …

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