Traveling with a Guide Dog

Fauna the guide dog sits with her harness on in a field of brown grass. The Rocky Mountains can be seen behind her under a cloudy grey sky.

Traveling with a guide dog can be similar to traveling with a child at times. I have twin boys, and after traveling with and raising them, I found myself putting together a whole bag of tricks that I could pull from depending on the situation.

Getting ready to go

One of the most important tips I can impart on travel with a Guide Dog is to buy and keep a travel bag ready to go. I use a backpack with a lot of pockets and the following items stocked. I keep the bag in a convenient place so I can grab it as we are headed out the door.

  • One portion of food – because who knows how long you may get stuck away from the house. Food does go rancid, so be sure to swap out the portion of food regularly.
  • Waste pickup bags – accidents happen.
  • A small bottle of water.
  • A gentle leader. If you don’t have/use one of these little gems, you will be amazed at how well it helps your guide get through difficult situations.
  • A special toy – my dog Fauna loves to chew on Nylabones, so I keep a fancy bacon flavored one in the bag as a treat. The bones at home are not flavored, so the one from the bag is extra special when she gets to spend time with it. Some use a toy with a squeaker, I find these to be distracting especially on a train or plane.
  • A collapsible bowl – ideal for water or food. I use these because the fold flat and have a D-ring
  • A small blanket – Mine has a durable bathmat waterproof side and a comfy fuzzy side for her to lay on. It is about the size of a baby blanket and folds up easily without taking up too much space.
  • A cable tiedown – You never know when you might need to tie your pup down for a bit.. I get mine from the Guide Dogs for the Blind Store at:
  • A copy of my dog’s rabies and vaccines from the vet.
  • A card which explains my rights as a service dog user.
  • Some high-value kibble-style treats – good for getting your pup through difficult situations.
  • LeanLix dog treat – a low calorie high-value treat to help pups get through tough situations. This yummy treat will keep their attention on you.
  • A small clip on light – This is great for evening walks or travel. A small LED light that clips on the collar to make you more visible. I use:

There you go, if you have any items that you carry for your pup that didn’t make my list, please let me know and I can update this post.

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