The most important thing to bring on your next trip

Couples Sans Souci resort in Jamaica. a beautiful orange sunset over the ocean. Low mountains can be seen in the distance. More hazy mountains can be seen in the far distance. A few long clouds are illuminated by the orange sunset.

Getting ready for a trip can be an exhausting process – packing, organizing care for your animals and making sure someone will come over and bring in the mail along with the anxiety of forgetting your medications or swimsuit can put you in a bad mood before you even get to the terminal. Planes run late, bags can get lost and flights can be oversold and cramped. All through this it helps to realize that you aren’t the only one traveling, thousands of others are in the same boat as you are when you walk into the airport. Imagine being the person working at the check-in counter when all day you deal with people who are at their wits end and on their last nerve as they walk up to talk to you. All these points are why the most important thing you can bring with you on your travel adventure is a sense of humor and a smile. Being visually impaired (at least for me) increases the anxiety level of my travel experience ten-fold. Even if the airline has skilled assistants to get you to the right gate, it can still be a nerve-racking time getting to the right gate and even finding restroom accommodations before your flight takes off.

Next time you hit the airport, take a few deep breaths before you walk in the door to center yourself and just let the events unfold in front of you with a good outlook and the knowledge that you will get where you need to be, and things will get sorted out. People are more willing to lend a hand and be courteous about helping you if you have a positive outlook on whatever situation is presenting itself.

Get out there and book yourself a solo travel adventure to someplace you haven’t been before! If I can do it you can too, and above all have a good time and keep a smile on your face.

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