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Packing for your next trip can be an exciting but daunting process. The first thing that always goes in my suitcase is a collapsible white cane, even if I am traveling with my guide dog. A white cane can be invaluable asset while traveling for a couple reasons.


If you are traveling to a destination where the residents do not not speak your native language, you may find yourself having trouble asking for assistance from those around you. A white cane in hand will clearly identify you as a visually impaired traveler and can make those situations where you might need some assistance easier to navigate.

If I am not traveling with my guide dog, I always at least carry my cane, in case the person traveling with me needs to excuse themselves for a short time.  

Down with the sickness

Imagine traveling to a foreign destination and your guide dog or traveling companion falls ill. It is for this one reason alone that I always have a cane with me when I travel. It allows me the freedom to venture out on my own even if the worst case scenario happens. 

Use caution

No matter where you travel there will always be those with nefarious intentions. The white cane can also be a double-edged sword of sorts, while it clearly identifies you as visually impaired, it can also clearly identify you as a perceived easy target for muggers. I always carry my money and passports in waist belts/wallets and have a wallet with a small amount of cash for easy access. I only put what I would be willing to lose in the wallet. If someone grabs my wallet then I’m only losing a small amount of cash, the thief gets what they came for and I can go about my business with my documents and money safely carried on my person.

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