Motel 6 Colby Kansas review

Most moms would say if you don’t have anything nice to say about something to keep your mouth shut. My mom however always said to share your experiences so that others can gain knowledge from your endeavors. This is one of those times. While driving back to Denver from Missouri we decided to stop at the Motel 6 in Colby, Kansas. First of all, there are not a lot of options for a room in Colby (they only have a few places to stay), especially when you are arriving late at night.  

Hotel/Motel:  Motel 6

Location: Colby, KS

Accessibility: 8/10


The check-in desk was located right inside the main entrance. We checked in and moved our car just a little way down from the office. The concrete stoppers that kept your car from going too far in the parking spot were a tripping hazard, but otherwise I made it into the room without incident.

I did not have my guide dog accompanying me for this trip, but we did notice that there was not a convenient place to relieve a service animal in the vicinity.

The room

Our room, which was a ground level room was accessed from the outside and was very loud with road noise and hotel guest noise. We were completely exhausted and needed sleep, but once we pulled the covers back there was a huge yellow stain on the sheet. Upon closer inspection the stain was not wet but did originate from the comforter and permeated the entire bed. The room was a typical older Motel 6 with very firm uncomfortable beds. The bathroom was in poor repair, with broken tiles on the floor (a tripping hazard) and large cracks in the sink. The room had certainly seen better days. As this was the only room available that night and everything else around was full, we had no choice but to sleep in the ugly bed.


I cannot recommend this motel by any means. We did get some marginal sleep, but the ambient noise in the hotel at the time was very distracting. The amount of road noise added to the overall difficult experience.  

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