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I’m not one of those people with a disability that are in a panic over how the public refer to us. I have empathy for writers, reporters, and public figures that have anxiety when talking about people with disabilities.  There are so many different ways to talk about a person who is disabled, whether you say they are special-needs, differently-abled, handicapped, or physically challenged, they all have one thing in common and that is they are disabled. I know people who are terrified to say the word see in normal conversation with a person who is blind, as in “did you see what happened on the show last night?”

I am blind, I have a disability. I live with it every day and I deal with it every minute of every day. When I go to check out at a store, I don’t say “I’m differently-abled with loss of light perception and therefore cannot read the display”, I say “I’m blind can you read this to me or tell me what I need to press?”. I totally understand that dealing with disabled people in an acceptable way can be confusing, so I invite you to read my education section here on blind travels for some tips for dealing with people who are visually impaired. I have also created articles where those who are fully sighted can ask questions of us who are visually impaired. I hope you find the information useful.

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