InnoMake smart shoe warns blind and visually impaired people of obstacles

A camera with a blind person walking with a cane in the lens.

Just like the cane Microsoft is sponsoring, these smart shoes offer sensors that can warn the user of potential obstacles in their path. The manufacturer says they connect to your smartphone and have a battery life that can last up to a week. For those of us who still have a tiny amount of vision, these shoes could be life changing. 


Without testing them it is difficult to know how they would compare to a white cane. It would be nice to have both hands freed up and available for scanning and catching yourself. The distance the sensors scan the area in front of you is the biggest concern here. If they can be tuned so that they reach the distance a cane wound it would be great. I hope the angle of the field scanned by the sensors can also be adjusted by the user so that the sensors on the shoes can match the scanned area that the white cane usually covers. 

I do like that the rechargeable batteries last up to a week. I would not like to have to run home and plug my shoes in like I have to do with my smartphone. Hopefully the app that the shoes use on the phone track the remaining battery life and warn the user if the battery is low. 

You can read the whole story about these great new shoes here:

InnoMake smart shoe warns blind and visually impaired people of obstacles

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