Holiday Inn Express & Suites Omaha – 120th and Maple – Review

Hotel: Holiday Inn Express & Suites

Location: Omaha, Nebraska

 Accessibility score: 8/10

Amenities Locations

Upon entering the main doors of the Holiday Inn Omaha Nebraska location, the check in desk is located a few steps directly to the right as you enter the doors. Directly to the left of the entrance door (about ten or 12 steps ahead) is a room which has the complimentary breakfast in the morning. The room is broken into two parts, the first with seating – both low and high top tables. and the food area which has warmers with eggs, sausage biscuits and gravy and other goodies. There is a juice and coffee bar opposite of that and on the far right side of the room is a pancake machine with a single large button to press for pancakes (put your plate at the end of the machine and they will fall out.). From the lobby, you walk directly forward (from the entry doors) and you run into a large hallway with elevators to the right. Along the way you will hit the door with the pool (you need your key) and one thing I really liked about this hotel was the size of the floor markers outside the elevator. The numbers are about ten feet high and all have different colors depending on the floor you are on. I found this super accessible and easy to navigate. I can’t say I have seen this befor ein a hotel and boy, was it easy to tell which floor I was on.

Checking in

The check in process was easy. The staff running the desk were all very friendly and helpful, but I was also there for a wedding with many blind guests, so they seemed to be on their game in terms of working with visually impaired guests. I’m not sure how it is on a regular day. I had an escort to my room, so the staff didn’t have to direct or help me to find my room.

Relieving area

I travel with a guide dog, and when I inquired about a preferred relieving area, I was told that I could relieve her in the grass area to the left as you exit the building. There was a garbage can and waste bags available, and the relieving area was clean. To get to the relieving area, exit the building, (watching your step there is a small curb which was not marked and I tripped on) and follow the parked cars to the small ramp where there is plenty of grass.


Everyone we encountered on the hotel the staff did a good job of not interacting with my guide dog while she was working. The hotel staff was adept at giving directions for entering the pool area and offered to help find items at breakfast.

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