Holiday Inn Express and Suites Evanston Wyoming review

On a recent road trip to Park City Utah, a friend and I stopped at the Holiday Inn Express in Evanston Wyoming. The only room available was the king suite with hot tub. This is a shame since we were exhausted from driving all day and night and didn’t end up being able to use the tub.

Hotel: Holiday Inn Express and Suites

Location: Evanston, Wyoming

Accessibility score: 8/10

Amenities Locations

Upon entering the main doors of the Holiday Inn Evanston Wyoming location, the check in desk is located directly to the left as you enter the main doors. There is a long hallway straight ahead as you enter which has the complimentary breakfast in the morning. My room was located on the second floor. Elevator access was down a short hall to the right of the lobby.

Checking in

The front desk staff did offer clear directions to my room. I felt as if I was on my own to find most of the things I needed at the hotel, but then again, I was checking in very late at night. The room was spacious and well laid out. I was able to find everything I needed without trouble. Be aware that large print and braille options are not available for the hotel information guides. Hotel staff were adept at offering clear directions to any location in the hotel.

Relieving area

I travel with a guide dog, and when I inquired about a preferred relieving area, I was told that I could relieve her in the pet relieving area in the front of the property. To get to the relieving area, you need to walk straight out from the entrance doors across the parking lot to the grassy area. There is a garbage can, and waste pickup bags in front of the building. The relieving area was clean and well maintained.


Everyone we encountered on the hotel the staff did a good job of not interacting with my guide dog while she was working. The hotel staff was adept at giving clear directions to get to the breakfast area and my room. I had no problems at all. 


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