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With many states lifting travel restrictions, it is time to think about how you can make the transition back into traveling easier for your guide dog. Whether I am traveling across town or across the country, I always have a backpack with a few things my guide could use “just in case”. I always have a ration of food in case I get stuck somewhere, as well as waste pickup bags and a special toy.

Many of our guides have gotten used to more downtime with the Coronavirus restrictions, so as we open up and begin traveling, I have employed a trick to make travel time a bit more special. I always carry a special flavored bone in my bag of tricks. My guide Fauna loves the peanut butter flavored Nyla bones, so I porously do not provide them for her to chew when we are home. She has a couple other flavors, but I always save the PeanutButter ones for travel. When we reach our destination, or even just take a break from a difficult route I take out the PeanutButter bone and let her enjoy it for a while. IT is such a simple thing and I don’t feel like I am keeping her from enjoying her favorite toy, rather I consider it as making the time she gets to spend with that toy a bit more special.

Here is a link to the bone I use. I have found the Nylabone brand lasts longer than most dog bones, especially since my guide is an extreme chewer.

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