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Traveling when visually impaired or with a guide dog is always an adventure, the more you plan ahead the smoother your trip will usually go. This week begins hotel week here on where we focus on tips and tricks to make staying in a hotel with a guide dog easier. Each day we will be releasing a new hotel review and tip. Stay tuned for a special story at the end of the week!

Your guide may be a bit off their schedule when traveling to a new location or staying in a new time zone. This can cause them to need to relieve more often and sometimes you may run short on waste disposal bags. If you get run out of waste disposal bags, there are usually a couple bags located in your hotel room that you can use in a pinch. The closet usually has a bag or two for either wet swimsuits or clothing to be dry cleaned, but if you are really stuck, there is usually a plastic liner for the ice bucket that can be used. Nobody likes to talk about this sort of thing, but it is a real problem.

There are rules and regulations about those of us who are guide dog handlers not having to pick up after our dogs, but please do. Try and remember to bring bags with you wherever you go. I keep some in the car, and in my treat bag. Setting forth a good example makes it easier for the next visually impaired guest to come along. Accidents happen that is a fact of life, but do everything you can to make your guide an ambassador for good dogs everywhere.

Stay tuned for more tips and feel free to contact me on any of my social media links below if you have a tip to add for hotel week! 


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