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Along with all the fun travel and destination reviews I do here on blindtravels, I love to talk about technology, especially when it relates to travel. This year’s Google I/O conference, a gathering of the minds which allows Google to show off all the cool new software and hardware they have developed. The software is generally in development and not ready for consumer use, but viewers of this conference get a glimpse into some of the great features for applications like Google maps that are headed our way. What was on tap for this year’s conference, and how will it help me travel more effectively? Lets dive in! 


The Language Model for Dialog Applications is a natural sounding conversational language interface. Anyone who uses Google Assistant or SiRi will know that there is not much dialog, it is more you asking the interface do do something and it responds. With  LaMDA, Google is trying to get a natural sounding dialog going with the user by delivering dialog and information to the user in a way that invites continued interaction with the interface. Google (and Apple) are continually developing their voice assistants capabilities and improving the way they interact with you. LaMDA seems like the next step in this evolutionary process and I look forward to the increased capabilities and more natural sounding interaction with my assistants. LaMDA is currently only working with text, but Google plans to implement the ability to interact with audio video and images. 

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For those of us who rely on our feet for transportation, the new features in Google Maps are going to be great. Not only are they refining the granularity of the data you get, like where the sidewalks are (which is awesome) and pointing out landmarks or even where your hotel is in relation to your location, but they are mapping train stations, transit stations malls and airports, finally making inside travel easer. This is great, and the good news is that the airport mapping features are rolling out later this week. 

I’m not a big android user so I am going to skip the accessibility features for the new phones and OS. Overall the coming improvements are welcomed, especially the airport mapping. Here is a video which summarizes the features I spoke about along with all the new improvements coming for Google phones and photography.

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