Embassy Suites San Rafael California – Review

Hotel: Embassy Suites

Location: San Rafael Ca.

Accessibility score: 6/10

Amenities & Locations

Upon entering the main doors of the Embassy Suites San Rafael location, the check-in and concierge desk are located directly to the left as you enter the door. The desk is located on the left wall of a very large room, with the elevators directly ahead as you pass the check-in desk. Directly behind the elevators (down a small curving ramp) is the bar where the manager’s reception is held. The included breakfast is served in the restaurant just a bit beyond the bar area. For the afternoon reception, included alcoholic drinks are in the bar, and a small area with snacks was setup outside the bar. The bar is quite dark, and the server area is located on the right as you walk into the door. A selection of tables, chairs and couches can be found to the right. The pool and hot tub area can be easily located by following the wall to the right as you exit the elevators. There is a door a short way around, and you will need your room key to enter. The smell of chlorine will be your clue. I found that the lounge chairs around the pool were a bit close to the edge and created a bit of a challenge for my guide dog to navigate.  

Checking in

The front desk staff offered clear directions to the elevators, but unclear directions to my room once I reached the floor I was staying on. I felt as if I was on my own to find most of the things I needed at the hotel. The room is well laid out, and I was able to find everything I needed. Be aware that large print and braille options are not available for the room service and hotel information guides. Hotel staff milling around were adept at offering clear directions to any location in the hotel. This Embassy Suites feels a bit dated overall compared to others in the area.

Relieving area

I travel with a guide dog, and when I inquired about a preferred relieving area, I was told that I could relieve her anywhere in the front of the building. There were ample grass areas to relieve out the main doors to the right across the parking lot. Many of the areas had rocks and mud before you reached the grass area so wear appropriate shoes. A trash can is located to the right of the doors as you are entering. I should not have to remind anyone of this, but please remember to bring waste pickup bags and clean up after your dog.


As with other Embassy Suites hotels, everyone we encountered on the hotel staff did a good job of not interacting with my guide dog while she was working. They ignored her as I would expect them to. Guide dogs like any dog crave attention and it can be difficult to get them back on task once someone has distracted them. The Embassy Suites staff did a great job of proper etiquette when dealing with a guide dog but fell down in terms of offering initial assistance to find my room. After a long trip, having someone direct you or guide you to your room can make all the difference when checking in. Since starting these reviews, I have found Embassy Suites staff average in their willingness and ability to aid visually impaired travelers.    

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