CVS expands it’s accessible prescription labels program

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CVS is rolling out it’s accessible talking prescription labels program to all of it’s nearly 10,000 locations. The program is available in-app and users must be enrolled to access the feature. This move is great news for those who use CVS and are visually impaired. According to CVS: 

The solution, called Spoken Rx, was designed in collaboration with the American Council of the Blind. Patients enrolled in the program can scan the labels on their prescription containers and have their information, including the medication’s name and directions for use, read out loud to them in either English or Spanish

I always love to see companies taking accessibility seriously, especially when it comes to prescriptions. I use another pharmacy but would love to hear your thoughts about this new program and how it is working for you. A program that tells you the prescription name, when it is to be taken and perhaps the shape of the pills would be great (and if it doesn’t have these features it should!). Having to rely on the sighted when it comes to mixed up prescriptions can be a pain. Readers certainly help but having official accessibility features like this is a great idea. Come on other pharmacies, time to step up your accessibility game!

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