Columbine Inn and Suites Leadville Colorado – Review

Hotel: Columbine Inn and Suites

Location: Leadville, Colorado

Accessibility score: 6/10

Locations & Amenities

Columbine Inn and Suites located in Leadville Colorado is a welcoming, clean hotel without a lot of frills. As you enter the lobby, the check-in desk is located on your right. Directly ahead from the main entrance is the room where the included breakfast is served. Past the desk to the left as you enter the lobby, there are stairs that go to the second floor, a soda machine, a hallway that leads to all the rooms located on the main floor and a unisex bathroom.  The lobby is well lit and easy to navigate. We stayed at this location for one night and found the rooms comfortable and especially easy to find given that the room numbers are located in very large print to the right of each door.

Checking in

Check-in went without a hitch. There are several signs located throughout the lobby saying no pets allowed. I travel with a guide dog and the person checking us in didn’t question her at all. She gave very clear directions to get to the room and as stated earlier, the room numbers are in large bold print next to each room.  

Relieving area

When checking in, I inquired about a suitable place to relieve my guide dog and was given clear directions to two locations. They prefer relieving happen in the grass straight out from the main entrance (across the parking lot) or to the left as you exit the lobby. The relieving area straight out was flat and easy to navigate to, and the area to the left of the main entrance was on a hill and not as easy for my guide or I to navigate. We stuck with the area straight out from the lobby. A trash can is located to the right as you enter the lobby, make sure to bring waste disposal bags and clean up after your dog.


The columbine inn and suites was very clean and I liked that the person manning the main desk was clear in her directions. I have no complaints about this establishment, as it was easy to navigate and comfortable to stay in. The only complaint I saw online before I booked was that the included breakfast was not very large and didn’t have a lot of options. I find it hilarious that people complain about something that is included free.  There was cereal, bagels, coffee, Danishes and hard boiled eggs. Not fancy, but completely acceptable for a grab and go kind of breakfast on the way out.

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