Carry your cane!

Couples Sans Souci resort in Jamaica. a beautiful orange sunset over the ocean. Low mountains can be seen in the distance. More hazy mountains can be seen in the far distance. A few long clouds are illuminated by the orange sunset.

If you are visually impaired, have some vision, and have but don’t usually carry your white cane when traveling, might I take a moment to give some reasons to consider bringing it on your next adventure… 

Communication is important when traveling. Asking for help can be light years easier if you are carrying a white cane and the person you are seeking assistance from can immediately see that you have low vision. In my experience, the cane can derail many snide or condescending comments that busy people can make. It generally reduces the number of pointing to a specific location and them saying “its over there”, which we all know doesn’t help the visually impaired. Best of all, if you have the cane and look lost, often times people will come up to you and offer to assist you. Embrace the cane – I didn’t for a long time, and just spent my traveling time frustrated. I use it every time I travel and could not be happier with the results.  

As it is intended, the cane can be invaluable in getting around in a new location, streets are not always even, especially in smaller or older European towns. Cobblestones can be a killer, and are very easy to trip on. Stairs are not always clearly marked, and if you are like me – I need the bright markings on the edges of the steps to safely navigate them if I don’t have my cane. This is especially true if the stairs you are traversing are not of uniform size or height, which is common in older towns and parishes as well. You never know what might happen when traveling, consider packing an additional cane or at least an additional cane tip when traveling. 

Sure, dragging a cane around can be inconvenient, but the positive benefits outweigh the potential for a trip to the local urgent care. Believe me, I have been there and done that and learned my lesson. What are you waiting for? book a trip somewhere you haven’t been before. Make it an adventure, and don’t let your lack of vision hold you back – I don’t. 

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