Blind parents face unfounded accusations regarding newborn

A blind couple sits with their baby, the mother is feeding the child with a bottle.

This sort of thing really makes me sad. I fully realize that lack of education for the greater public is fully to blame. I can see no logical reason why a blind couple could not raise a child. I would also wager that they will be better and more attentive parents than most are. In the article, the couple explains that they planned having their child for some time, It is easy for me to advocate because I am visually impaired, but if I can’t use this platform to advocate for this couple who will?

I have not talked with the couple, but I would love to interview them for this website. I have a feeling that the concerns being raised are likely nothing more than busy-body neighbors.

On December 21st 2018, Eagle Point residents Danial and Minh Turnbull gave birth to their first baby.

Since then, they’ve had three reports put into the Oregon Department of Human Services by various people questioning their fitness to be parents, which they say were unfairly based in the fact that they are both blind

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