Blind and visually impaired Baggage Tip

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Travel Tip for the day: 

Getting to the airport is generally easy – whether Uber, Taxi or getting dropped off by a friend, and I find that if I ask for assistance getting to the gate, and to baggage claim after I land, a huge amount of stress is removed. However, one aspect of travel triggers my anxiety more than any other and that is waiting for my bag to come off the carrousel. Being visually impaired, I usually place a large strip of yellow tape on the front and back of my bag (make sure to do both sides because you never know how it will come out of the chute!), so it can be easily identified when it comes down the belt, but the problem is those darn fully sighted people are also employing our secret! They put tape and ribbons on their bags too.  To ensure that I get MY bag, I employ the over-the-top identification method. First off, I buy a bag that is not black – mine is green and hard-sided, so right off the bat, I have an advantage when identifying my bag from all the others coming off the belt. Besides the yellow tape, I also tie a contrasting color ribbon on the handle of my bag, so I just need to remember my colors and I am all set. In my case, I have a green suitcase and a red ribbon – easy. This method works well for me because I can see color very well, your individual situation may vary. If you can’t see color, consider something that will stand out more – perhaps a sticker from your favorite sports team or band. Anything that sets your bag apart will help.

That’s it for today’s tip. You can follow me on Twitter @nedskee or Instagram @nedskee I post often about my travel adventures. Don’t let your lack of sight hold you back, get out there and travel someplace you have never been, make it an adventure!

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