Apple adding new disability friendly features to iOS

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Apple today is announcing improvements to the iOS operating system, adding new features for users with a variety of disabilities. Of particular interest to the visually impaired community is the improvements to the voice over screen reader which will wil now allow users to identify the contents of images onscreen. If at it’s core, the screen reader will be able to identify people and their emotional state – smiling, crying etc. and be able to read the text on memes it will be a boon to the blind and low vision communities. I know Apple have been working on this technology for a few years now and I for one an happy to see it being implemented as a core feature of the operating system,. 

I’m a huge advocate for accessibility in social media, and as part of that I am constantly on a crusade to educate social media influencers on the importance of proper hash tag usage and how image descriptions can not only make the social media experience better for those who are blind and visually impaired, but can have the added benefit of reaching a new audience for their content. Good job on Apple for continuing to make accessibility in their products a priority

Meanwhile, improvements are coming to Apple’s VoiceOver screen reader to allow users to explore objects within images. Apple Watch will become more sensitive to muscle movement and tendon activity to give people with limb differences control over the device without using touch. And, the company is launching a new service called SignTime to allow customers to communicate with Apple support and retail representatives using American Sign Language.

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