Accessible COVID-19 tests are now available

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At home COVID tests are great, but until now if you had little or no vision, it was impossible to read the results of the tests.  The test results are read through an app on your smartphone vis Bluetooth. The test is compatible with iPhones and Android smartphones, but not Android tablets. An iPhone needs iOS 12 or later, and an Android phone needs Android 6.0 or later and Bluetooth 4.0 or later to run the tests. The link below has a list of compatible devices from the manufacturer. 

Click to access COVID19-Home-Test-List-of-Compatible-Devices_Final-B.pdf

According to the manufacturer, complete audio instructions are provided in the app to aid in connecting to and obtaining the test results for the test units. I have ordered mine, and will report back with more information. 

You can sign up and order your tests from the USPS website at the link below, or by calling: 800-232-0233. Each order is for one package of two accessible tests, and there’s a limit of one order per address.

If you would like more information about the program or the tests, here is an article from

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